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Got DI offers disability insurance plans for a number of self-employed professionals, but specializes in providing policies for doctors, dentists and specialized physicians. Shopping for income protection coverage takes time, so we reduce the hassle by comparing policies, simplifying options, and including language that suits the needs of health and medical professionals. Check out GOT DI’s plans for doctors, physicians, and an array of other specialty occupations for health professionals throughout the state of California.

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Prices are fixed by state laws and regulations set by the California Bureau of Insurance for medical and dental professionals, so it doesn’t make sense to get a disability insurance quote anywhere else!

If you are a doctor, Got DI has excellent options to present you with long-term or short-term insurance plans for own-occ. You can’t ever know when an injury or health issues will strike, but you can prepare for them by purchasing doctor disability insurance to cover your income.

Your patients need you to treat them, but who will help you if you get injured? Doctor purchase coverage to ensure that an injury or illness does not stop you from making payments, collecting wages, and maintaining your standard of living.

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For Doctors, Surgeons and Medical Professionals

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Income Protection and Life Insurance Customized for Medical & Dental Professionals

You’ll never find a lower price for the same policy than you will with Got Disability Insurance, but you’ll also be getting premium coverage from top-quality, top-rated disability insurance providers. Got DI is an official insurance agent for companies like Guardian, The Standard, MetLife®, Lloyd’s of London, MassMutual® and Principal Financial Group®.  We are licensed and registered to provide life insurance, disability insurance and income protection coverage throughout the state of California.

Licensed and Registered to Provide the Lowest Premiums in California

With life insurance or income protection from Got Disability Insurance, you will always have the lowest premiums for your policies the State of California allows, plus an extended benefits period, and non-cancellable coverage. Find individual disability insurance coverage for self-employed professionals or supplemental coverage that add to existing employer policies for complete protection of your income.

Find the lowest rates on private or individual life & disability plans that or supplemental coverage that can add to existing employer policies. Got DI offers both long term and short term coverage, including extensive temporary disability options for maternity leave or pregnancy.

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