Disability Insurance For Doctors with Lower Premiums

If you are a doctor, Got DI has excellent options to present you with long-term or short-term insurance plans for own-occ. You can’t ever know when an injury or health issues will strike, but you can prepare for them by purchasing doctor disability insurance to cover your income.

We also provide various riders to improve your worst-case scenario of falling victim to an unanticipated incident and having to miss work. You’ll find extras that account for cost of living, medical expenses, hospital stay and critical illness bonuses, as well as other riders. You may even select the length of time you’d like your benefit and waiting periods to be.

Your patients need you to treat them, but who will help you if you get injured? Doctor purchase coverage to ensure that an injury or illness does not stop you from making payments, collecting wages, and maintaining your standard of living.

Individual Own-Occupation Policies

We highly recommend that doctors acquire an individual disability insurance policy, which qualifies as an own-occupation plan. These policies provide complete coverage to doctors in specialty fields and continue to pay benefits if they are forced to pick a new specialty.

For comprehensive coverage, select a policy that is own-occupation, non-cancellable, and guaranteed renewable. With these options, you control your benefits and premiums, not the insurance company. Your doctor disability insurance policy cannot be cancelled, have rates raised or reduced, or have exclusions added. This puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to get coverage that supplement employer plans for better protection.

Medical and dental specialists will also appreciate our Specialty Language:

If you have limited your occupation to the performance of the material and substantial duties of a single medical or dental specialty, we will consider that specialty to be your occupation.

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