Health Matters: Disability Insurance for Pharmacists

If you are searching for disability insurance for pharmacists, then you’re in luck. Got DI makes it possible to choose the perfect policy for your budget so that you can feel comfortable knowing that you won’t lose salary in case of an accident.

Nobody knows when a tragedy will occur, making it wise to safeguard yourself from the worst scenarios possible that may befall you. Rather than risk everything on your wellness, obtain a policy that will minimize the damages due to injury or health issues

In addition, pharmacists can find choices for both long-term and short-term coverage. With policies offering own-occupation disability insurance, income replacement, and business overhead expenses, you will not need to be concerned that your entire life depends on keeping your wellbeing so you can work.

Optional Riders

To help you find the most beneficial policy, Got DI compares the additional riders from top coverage providers. Riders are voluntary bonus features you may get to incorporate with your policies that increase benefits in certain situations. Here are a couple of the additional riders we feature:

Accident Hospital Confinement Indemnity Benefits Rider
This particular rider compensates up to $500 for each day you’re hospitalized as a result of an injury. If you spend time in intensive care, the benefit doubles.

Accident Medical Expense Rider
You choose a maximum amount for the policy ($1,000, $2,000, $3,000, or $5,000) and we give you the total as a cash compensation for medical-related expenses incurred following a personal injury.

Future Insurability Option Rider
When you work hard, you will be rewarded with increased salary. This rider increases your base benefits as your salary goes up whether or not you are disabled, permitting more flexibility. It is only available with a long-term coverage plan.

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